Welcome to Batsounds
Sonic software simplified.

Here at Batsounds we’re all about squeezing maximum fun out of our sonic hardware. We’re also about simplicity. Using custom MIDI software we aim to boost creativity and (most importantly) put a grin on the face of our users. 

That’s the idea behind CircuitToy-One, our first software-only ‘hack’ for the Novation Circuit sound engine. Novation’s Circuit is a great-sounding hardware synthesizer and groovebox. Connecting a computer via USB allows full control of the Circuit via MIDI.

CircuitToy-One is a software ‘micro editor’ that allows you to create your own Circuit synth patches. The interface replicates the look and feel of an 80’s Polysynth but with some thoroughly modern features. 

The simplified interface makes CircuitToy-One a great way to learn about subtractive synthesis and sound design. Most importantly, it’s huge fun – hence the name!  

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