Hi, I’m John and I am Batsounds Audio. I’m a retired software engineer by day and a wannabe rock star at evenings and weekends. I have been fascinated by synthesizers  and electronic music throughout my adult life. 

I developed the CircuitToy One software to allow me to quickly create custom synth sounds using only my low powered Windows tablet (it will, however, run on any Windows 7-10 machine with a Pentium or better CPU). 

Hopefully, this is the first of several CircuitToys – I have some interesting ideas for small software applications to squeeze even more fun out of the Circuit including:-

  • Performance mode application. Splitting and layering of the two synths with simplified patch management. 
  • ‘Noise Boxes’  – similar in concept to the MFOS Noise Toaster and Weird Sound Generator.
  • Your suggestions welcome!