CircuitToy-One XL

CircuitToy-One is the fun, fast micro-editor for the Novation Circuit Synthesizer engine. Drawing inspiration from the polysynths of the 80’s it is particularly well-suited to classic and retro sounds. The main aim when developing CircuitToy-One was maximum versatility with minimum controls. And, like all the best toys, maximum fun!

The CircuitToy-One XL interface will be familiar to any synth enthusiast. It features two oscillators plus a white noise generator. The oscillators can be detuned, blended and combined using the Ring Modulator. A single ADSR envelope generator is used to modify both the amplitude and the filter frequency. Additionally, there is the possibility of modulating the filter frequency and oscillator pitch via the LFO. The multi-mode filter colours the sound to create a surprisingly wide range of timbres using only a handful of controls.

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The ‘SEND’ button allows you to send your current patch directly to the Circuit without first saving to disk. Alternatively, patches can be saved to disk in the standard .SYX format. Patches created with CircuitToy-One are compatible with the Isotonik editor and Novation’s Component software.

All patches created with CircuitToy-One use the same single-function macro settings which are geared towards performance and hands-on experimentation.

The CircuitToy XL software works with Novation’s LaunchControl XL to provide a truly hands-on editing experience.

The appearance of the CircuitToy XL screen changes subtly if the LaunchControl XL is detected via USB. Small ‘LEDs’ will appear which mimic the appearance of the LaunchControl itself. Both the physical and screen LEDs are colour-coded to show the various synth sections. This makes navigating the LaunchControl hardware much more intuitive.

CicuitToy-XL comes bundled with 64 retro-sounding patches to kick start your creations. Many of these patches are inspired by the presets built into classic 80’s Polysynths. Others are inspired by the music of the 70’s and 80’s. Patches 1-32 are Monophonic and include lead, bass and SFX sounds. Patches 33-64 are polyphonic and include strings, pads and keyboard sounds. Patches are provided as standard SYSEX files that can be used with other Circuit editors and Novation’s Component software.

To get a feel for the patches please visit our YouTube channel  and check out our demo videos. 

You can download the Quick Start guide here.