CircuitToy-One is the fun, fast micro-editor for the Novation Circuit Synthesizer engine. Drawing inspiration from the polysynths of the 80’s it is particularly well-suited to classic and retro sounds. The main aim when developing CircuitToy-One was maximum versatility with minimum controls. And, like all the best toys, maximum fun!

We over both free (Basic) and paid (XL) versions of CircuitToy-One.

  Basic XL
 Retro style patch editor  Yes   Yes
 Editable synths  1  1&2 
 Edit effects and EQ  No  Yes
 Launchcontrol compatible  No  Yes
Retro-style patches included   16  64
 Price  Free  £5

Find out more about CircuitToy-One Basic and CircuitToy-One XL or head on over to our Downloads page.