CircuitToy is now free to download!

CircuitToy One XL and the RetroCircuit soundset are now free to download! Grab a copy from the downloads page.

Work is underway on an updated version with extensive real-time performance features – more soon!

RetroCircuit Soundpack

RetroCircuit Soundpack for Novation Circuit launched!. After receiving many requests we are making the patches bundled with CircuitToy-One available as a separate download.

The sound pack includes the 64 patches from the CircuitToy bundle plus 64 complementary electronic drum samples.

The RetroCircuit sound pack cost justs £2.50 and is available from our download page.

23 November 2017

CircuitToy-One V1.2 is here!

Both the free and paid versions of CircuitToy-One have been updated to V1.2

The update includes:- 

  • Oscillator drift function. This simulates the tuning drift associated with early analogue VCO’s
  • Hands-on editing when connected to a Novation LaunchControl XL (paid version only)
  • Performance improvements to allow operation on older computers or low powered tablets.

Head across to the downloads page to grab a copy! 

1 November 2017

CircuitToy V1.2 coming soon!

Version 1.2 of CircuitToy will be released on 1 November. The key new features nclude an ‘oscillator drift’ function and support for Novation’s LaunchControl XL MIDI controller. 

25 Oct 2017

Updates to CircuitToy

Both the Basic and XL versions of CircuitToy have received minor updates to improve compatibility with WINE.  Additionally, the basic version now comes bundled with 16 retro style patches.

10 Sept 2017

Running CircuitToy-One with WINE

Initial test of CircuitToy-one with Wine look very promising. After a small modification it is running perfectly under Linux Mint and Wine 1.8. 

If you would like to download the Wine version and test it on your system I’d love to hear about it. I don’t have access to Mac so would really appreciate any feedback  from a Mac user. 

You can download the WineTest version here – CT1WineTest.exe (3.5Mb)

This is the CircuitToy executable without the Windows installer – much easier to work with in WINE. If successful I will incorporate any changes into the main version. 

Thanks for your help!

8 Aug 2017